How we care and follow guidelines for your loved ones during covid-19
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Why the Quail House Is the Best Choice for Your Loved One During the Covid19 Crisis

A Covid19 Public Service Announcement From The Quail House Owner, Nicholas Kittle

What sets us apart? Our size. The Quail House is a boutique assisted living home that caters to only 10 residents. The larger, hotel-like assisted living facilities have to keep track of and regulate 100 plus residents and many staff members. On the other end of the spectrum, group homes often involve shared rooms and shared bathrooms. The risk of infection is far greater in these two scenarios. The Quail House, however, is the best of both worlds. The Quail House has all of the amenities associated with the larger facilities in a luxurious home offering only 10 private suites. It is much easier to monitor the day-to-day affairs in a home of our size. Naturally, in these trying times, interest has increased for families to find the optimal and safest living situation for their loved ones.
What makes The Quail House of such interest to those looking right now for assisted living homes or nightly hospice/respite care? Here are the top 5 reasons:

 1. Privacy – With only 10 total suites, each with their own full bathroom, there is plenty of privacy and isolation if desired and or if warranted to help mitigate the risk of infection. Some of the rooms even have their own individual HVAC systems.
2. Better staff to resident ratios – Our minimum care ratio is 1 (or more) caregivers to every 5 residents (1:5). This allows for a high level of attention and care while lowering the statistical risk of exposure.
3. Environment – The Quail House is a bright, spacious and airy home. Large floor to ceiling windows span all of the social areas and each bedroom is ground level with large windows allowing outdoor views from every room.
4. Outdoors – The Quail House is located on a large private property. No one needs to remain cooped up inside! Even with the shelter-in-place requirements in place, our residents are able to get out and enjoy the park-like setting and its bountiful plants and animals.
Amenities such as walking paths, bocce ball court, and putting greens are just a few of the many activities available at the Quail House.
5. Wi-Fi – The Quail House offers amazing Wi-Fi for on-demand video calling with friends and family. We encourage our residents to maintain contact with family and friends during these difficult times using various video calling services (i.e. Facetime, Amazon Echo, etc). This remote communication, although not as ideal as in in-person visit, helps to mitigate the risk to our residents.

The Quail House owners and management team have been monitoring the Covid-19 crisis very closely. All Quail House staff are screened and tested for temperatures before entering the home for each and every shift. Our care team is trained in the additional sanitizing and cleaning recommendations provided by the CDC. While limiting visitation, we also have plans in place per the CDC and State Health Department for any additional care needs/situations. While no home or business is completely safe from exposure, placing your loved one in a smaller and more private long-term care setting like the Quail House is a wise decision to help mitigate the risk to you and your loved ones.

Visit contact us page to get in touch with our incredible staff about tips and advice for designing your visit schedule.

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