Portrait Justin Knorr Founder Quail House

Justin Knorr

Founder/Managing Member



  • B.S. Biopsychology (Behavior neuroscience) from University of Michigan
  • 16 years of Experience in Facility Operations/management in Customer Service, Hospitality, and Extreme Sports Industries

Justin’s interest in Senior Assisted Living began long ago when he would visit his grandmother in her nursing home, but has recently been stoked by his grandfather, Pieter. At 96, the man is as sharp and gregarious as ever. If he’s not revealing an invention or process in which he was involved that is still relevant today, he’ll have an entertaining story about his children that will make everyone blush. For a man so amazing, Justin’s family has done their best to find a worthy place to offer as an alternative to living alone. Having found few quality options locally in Ohio and Michigan, Justin turned to his own market in Las Vegas. This is where he realized an opportunity in the area of luxury, boutique residential care homes. Enter the Quail House.

As a detail-oriented scientist and an engineer at heart (he taught himself AutoCAD to create the plans for the Quail House Project), he claims problem solving as his art form, and specializes in finding creative solutions to complicated problems. In 2007, he was recruited as an Instructor and Facilities Manager at Vegas Indoor Skydiving and quickly started making improvements. Through the tough recession and economic challenges, his eye for increasing efficiency consistently brought higher profits to the company. As a result, through these improvements and adjustments of internal processes and equipment, he was able to reduce the utility costs by 50% and lowered annual downtime from an average of 4-6 weeks to only 1 week. This experience and meticulous attention to detail will be invaluable when it comes time to oversee renovations and prepare for inspections from City and State officials.

Justin completed the State of Nevada required Health Care Quality and Compliance, Residential Facilities for Groups, Homes for Individual Residential Care, and Elder Abuse Training courses. He gained much experience while in the development process of two new 19 and 48 bed assisted living facilities (ALFs) where he was directly involved in the creation of the architectural plans as well as facilitating permitting and zoning. During the analysis of potential Assisted Living home acquisitions, Justin has gained a thorough knowledge of the local competitive Senior Residential Care Home market, the City/State zoning and licensing requirements for such businesses and in-depth insight into the P&L’s of running a successful ALF business.

Outside of the workplace, Justin is an avid sailor, skier, and former competitive mountain biker and collegiate basketball player. He is also a successful financial forex trader, averaging a 100% annualized return. Recently, he sailed Lake Michigan for a month in a 1978 C&C 38. In his off time, he has rebuilt several motorcycles, specializing in classic Japanese bikes.